Enso is the endless cycle of energy in the universe, connecting all things; Anima is one soul within the cycle.

Enso Anima is a four-piece band that creates a unique blend of progressive and experimental music, rooted in post-hardcore and branching out into a wide range of genres and styles. Originally from New York, Enso moved to Sacramento in late 2016 to join the vibrant community of talented, passionate and groundbreaking artists that composes the Sac music scene, and they've made hundreds of fans and an indelible mark on that community since they began playing shows to strangers in late April 2017. Their stylings range from richly textured atmospherics, to jarring stutter-step rhythms, to saucy progressions with entrancing grooves, crafting emotional landscapes of mournful melancholy, bitter defiance, piercing introspection, and unabashed youthful adventure, often within the span of a single piece.

The band's mission is to create music that unites all people through their common humanity, appealing to folks of all musical tastes by giving each a sample of what they already love, then gently coaxing them to explore, to embrace new knowledge, experience and growth. The group crafts their setlist, their presence and their dynamics to a diverse range of shows and crowds, often making fans who have never heard of post-hardcore, or who previously didn't enjoy rock music! It is not rare for Enso to begin playing to a room of people chatting casually, who came to the show more for the social scene than the music, and to finish their set holding the entire room in rapt attention, transfixed by the changes simultaneously taking place in the music they hear, and within themselves.

In 2018, Enso Anima are creating unforgettable shows in Sacramento where both rookies and veterans of carefully juxtaposed genres and styles share the stage, furthering their goal of unifying people of diverse tastes and backgrounds. Enso seeks to hit the road in summer and fall of 2018, punctuating the music scenes in other cities with their evocative and engaging live performances, appealing to new audiences whether in a basement show in a punk house, a highwayside bar, a high-class lounge, or a popular downtown venue with national acts.

Whitney Schuster

Shane Ward

Nick Creary-Scher

Daniel Hopkins

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